Rice Protein Powder – Benefits And Side Effects

Rice Protein Powder - Benefits And Side Effects

Changing to vegan and vegan protein sources is something that more and more people are moving towards. These protein sources are vast when you do a simple search, but rice protein is something left on the backburner. However, when connected with other vegan protein sources like pea and hemp protein powder, the amino acid profile is perfect for what your body needs.  So what is rice protein powder?

Rice protein powder is created from rice and it a very good source of protein for vegans or people with sensitivity to whey protein.  On average, a cup of white rice will have about 4-grams of protein, and brown rice will have about 5-grams per cup (120-grams).

In this post, we’ll tell you more about rice protein and it’s benefits. We’ll also cover which are the best rice protein powder options on the market. Keep reading, as you’re definitely not going to want to miss this!

What Is Rice Protein Powder

As mentioned, rice protein is one of the most neglected protein forms on the market today. Most people skip over it, but it makes up almost 11% of arable land worldwide when it comes to sustainability.

When we think of rice, we often think of it as a carbohydrate, and while you are not wrong, rice has some protein in it. On average, a cup of white rice will have about 4-grams of protein, and brown rice will have about 5-grams per cup (120-grams). The rest of the rice is commonly known as starch, which turns into carbohydrates.

When making rice powder protein, the rice is often washed and allowed to dry. Once the rice is dried, an enzyme is used to separate the protein from the starch. The protein is then bottled and marketed, making it simple and easy for the user to consume. Generally, the carbohydrate count will be much lower than a standard cup of rice.

Benefits Of Rice Protein Powder?

Much like any form of protein, there are tons of benefits to your body. Since protein is the building block of muscles, it is an essential part of your daily intake. However, we have isolated the main benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing rice powder protein as one of your main sources:

Improves Muscle Building And Recovery

One of the first things you will learn about protein is that it is great for muscle building and recovery. Protein is the building blocks of your muscles, which means that rice powder protein can help you build some muscle. It is also great for the recovery of muscles once you have finished training to be ready for the next day.

Since you will be increasing your protein intake when training, you will inevitably see much better results, and adding some rice protein can help improve your muscles while also toning your body whilst working out.


There are tons of protein powders on the market today. However, most of these contain some form of allergen. Of the 14 known allergens found in many proteins, brown rice protein has none of these. This means that the protein is effective for all individuals and will reduce the chances of having an adverse allergic reaction.


Last but certainly not least, it is one of the most sustainable protein forms on the market today. Aside from being cruelty-free, you don’t need to deal with the potential of running out of protein. Since almost 11% of arable land is rice, it is very easy to find and should remain sustainable with the other favorites like pea protein powder.

Rice Protein Powder Side Effects

Nothing is perfect in life, which means that rice protein might be great, but there are often a few side effects that one can run into. However, we have listed some of these side-effects, which means you will know beforehand. Since there are no allergens in rice protein powder, you can scratch the allergic reaction off the list.

Rice Sensitivity (Bloating)

One of the only issues we could find is rice sensitivity. Unfortunately, rice can lead to bloating for many people, and while this is generally an issue that occurs due to the starch, you might often find it happening with rice protein if you are very sensitive. It is best to monitor the effects and visit your GP if you suspect any issues arising.

Top Rice Protein Powder Brands

Now that you have seen most of the benefits and side effects of rice protein powder, you might be wondering which one is the best.

Naked Nutrition Naked Rice

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon


  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • One Ingredient – 100% organic brown rice
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Great source of amino acids


  • More expensive than whey protein

Fortunately, we also compiled a list of the best brands. These brands have very few additives, and the dosage of protein is sufficient to ensure that you see results.

While there are many more brands on the market today, the above-mentioned options are the most reliable. We would recommend them to anyone interested in going for a vegan protein source.

Rice Protein Powder Summary

Rice protein powder is the unsung hero of protein powders that are often left out of the conversation. Since it is one of the newer forms of protein, many people opt for the better-known pea protein powder. However, rice protein powder is one of the best for sustainability and making sure you are on top of your game.


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