Hydro Whey vs Gold Standard Protein – Which is a Better?


If you have ever walked into any supplement shop, you might have noticed that Optimum Nutrition dominates some of the shelves. They have been around for many years and the Gold Standard selection has been at the top of their list for many years. However, the new platinum selection is also great and people have been asking; “Which protein is better Optimum Nutrition’s Hydro Whey or Gold Standard?”

Hydro Whey from Optimum Nutrition is perfectly balanced and it is one of the best mixing proteins on the market today. Gold standard on the other hand is the protein with the biggest reputation. Many people, including famous bodybuilders, have trusted the gold standard for many years.

This article aims to look at Gold Standard protein and compare it to hydro whey. Both of them should be great to help individuals put on some muscle. One is slightly more expensive than the other is, but this article should help you make the right decision. We will look at both of these products and how they could benefit your workout and lifestyle regime.

What Is The Difference Between Hydro Whey Vs Gold Standard Protein?

Hydrolyzed protein is considered the most advanced form of protein that currently exists. It is the same as the Gold Standard whey protein. However, the protein isolates have been heated up to break down some of the enzymes. These enzymes should make the protein easier for your body to absorb and better to digest.

Even though there is no real evidence to back the hydro whey protein in that it will be that much easier to absorb. However, it blends with water so much more elegantly. The downside is that it does not have a lot of flavors. This is not due to the quality of the protein, but the consistency of the substance makes it taste like water.

Gold Standard protein is one of the best options on the market today and it has been around for many years. It is a standard whey isolate and it should be mixed with ease. The main difference between these two protein sources is the price and the consistency of the flavor. Many believe that hydro whey should be better for digestion.

Platinum Hydro Whey Protein

Platinum Hydro Whey is one of the most reputable products. It is fairly new on the market and does not have plenty of scientific backing. The process of creating the hydro whey product is that the whey isolate will go through an additional process. The additional process will heat the protein to break down some of the enzymes.

When you are consuming protein, you will notice that your body needs to break down the enzymes before getting to the protein molecules. In theory, it should absorb much faster than standard whey isolate. However, the theory has not been proven yet and this is why many people are still hesitant about the product.

From a personal standpoint, we can tell you that the powder mixes well with water or milk, and consuming it does not make you feel bloated. Even if you consume more than one serving per day, you will still find that it is one of the best protein sources and should ensure that you get decent results from consistent training and using the supplement.

Full Review of Platinum Hydro Whey Protein


  • Potentially absorbs much faster than other protein powders
  • It has a larger quantity of protein per serving
  • Numerous BCAAs are included
  • It does not make you feel bloated or uncomfortable
  • You only need about one serving or even half a serving
  • Great flavors to choose from


  • It is the most expensive protein powder available
  • It does not have a strong flavor
  • Many of the speculations are still unproven

Gold Standard Protein

Gold Standard Protein from Optimum Nutrition is more of a standard whey isolate. Much like other brands, the composition and method for extracting the protein are the same. However, it has gained a reputation of being full of additional enzymes and BCAAs that offer extra nutritional benefits to your body and even helps with recovery.

One thing we like about Optimum Nutrition products is that they rarely cause any bloating. The product still has a decent serving of protein per serving and this will give you all the protein you need after a training session. There are plenty of flavors available and it probably has the most flavors of any protein supplement on the market today.

The difference between the Gold Standard Protein and the Hydrowhey is that you can notice the change in flavors. It is much thicker when blended and should be mixed with a decent serving of water to ensure the optimal taste. As mentioned, you will rarely find yourself bloated. However, bloating is common with protein supplements when they are overused.

In terms of the price, Gold Standard is still expensive when looking at some of the other brands. However, the price is backed up by a quality product that will ensure you see results when used with a good training regime and a steady diet. All the benefits of this protein have also been proven and scientifically backed.

Full Review of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Protein Powder


  • It has a decent amount of protein per serving
  • The flavors are incredible and there are plenty to choose from
  • It is a little more affordable than the Platinum Hydrowhey
  • All the benefits of this protein are scientifically-backed
  • The product is also readily available from almost any store


  • It is more expensive than your standard protein brands

Hydro Whey vs Gold Standard Protein Summary

Whether you choose the Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey or the Gold Standard, you will find that you have plenty of benefits when it comes to your health. Both these products are highly recommended, but the Gold standard is the preferred choice for most people. However, we would love to see some of your thoughts on these products.



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